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Update on SIP disruption experienced by a few customers between 29/08/2014 and 08/09/2014



We have received notification from our network provider of investigation results carried out in response to SIP issues affecting a small number of customers.



On separate occasions  (29th August to 8th September), our network provider has experienced a significant build-up of network traffic received through their infrastructure. In these cases, as the volume of traffic increased and system alerts triggered. Due to this their network engineering team immediately began investigation.  

The result of these investigations and subsequent review has confirmed that there has been some widespread attacks across some central Government departments aligned to the increase in UK-wide threat level.  During this heightened activity, some of their customers have been subject to distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.  During the peak of these attacks, available bandwidth to customers reduced and network performance fell. 

We believe that this has now been contained and systems are back to full capacity and usual working order.


If you have any questions or remarks please log a ticket through the Helpdesk system.

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