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What is the difference between an 'IVR Transaction' report and a 'TNS' report?

You may find that as part of your customer payment service you receive two separate reports with similar information. Although there are some similarities between these reports, there is also a distinct difference.

IVR Transaction reports are generated for you by Encoded. This offers you information (usually daily) about which customers have used your service and what transactions have been attempted. Once a customer passes through our payment verification stage, we will send this transaction through to TNS who will then process the payment with the correct bank. There reports are created to be unique to your service and the information offered with these reports will reflect that.

TNS reports are generated once payments are settled at the end of each day. As occasionally a transaction may be rejected before settlement, this report will give a more accurate representation of whether a customer transaction was successful. On the rare occasion where a timeout occurs during the transaction process, this report can be used to check if payment has been successful.

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