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How are tickets recorded and escalated?

When a ticket is created via phone, email or though our helpdesk, it is filed under one of the following 'Types' and a member of our team is notified.

  • Query
  • Task
  • Service Change Request
  • Problem
  • Incident

During the process of assigning a ticket to one of our developers, the priority of the ticket is set. By default this is set to 'Normal' but may also be changed to one of the statuses below depending on the severity of the problem.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Urgent
  • Critical

Tickets will be placed in a queue with the highest levels of severity taking priority. Tickets with a higher priority will not only be actioned first but they will also be given a shorter SLA time in order to be completed.

Tickets may be reviewed at any time and if deemed necessary the priority level may be increased or decreased.

In addition to this, calls taken out of hours on our emergency number will always be filed with a 'Critical' until an investigation has been completed.

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