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Scheduled Maintenance - Security update to renew SSL certificates for 'Encoded' websites (no downtime expected) - rescheduled

Maintenance Window: 18/09/2018


Due to extra time required maintenance to update internal SSL certificates has been rescheduled. 

If you have any queries or comments, please contact Encoded via our Helpdesk at




Maintenance Window: 11/09/2018


Estimated Duration: 30 mins maintenance (24 hour window) - no downtime expected.


Description of Maintenance: As part of ongoing security practices our internal SSL certificates require renewing and applying for all sub-domains of ''

This will include certificate updates to the following customer facing domains:


The following domains are being retired, if you are still referencing them please contact us to check which domain name you should be using:


Services Affected: No services should be affected but as this forms part of our live environment any work carried out is considered a risk.

If you have any queries or you believe that your business would be affected, please contact Encoded via our Helpdesk at

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