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Petya (Petwap) Ransomware Vulnerability (CVE-2017-0144)

Vulnerability overview 


Petya is the latest ransomware to use the EternalBlue exploit within older Windows platform and is similar to the WannaCry outbreak in May 2017. The worm is usually spread through infected email attachments however instances of propagation through infected hyperlinks and advertisements have also been known.

The malware exploits the Windows operating system's network communication capabilities to spread to "all computers on the same network". Once infected, data local to the host is encrypted and ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is demanded for the release of encryption keys.


Are we vulnerable?


Much like the WannaCry outbreak, Encoded's systems and services are not susceptible to infection by the Petya worm.

Encoded’s co-location environments and associated secure networks do not use Microsoft based platforms or services. We do not have a Samba Share or any equivalent sharing protocol within our server environment and shared connections with external sources are restricted to known ports only. Additionally all active servers within Encoded's co-location secure environment also run active monitoring and anti-virus software.

If you have any questions or remarks please log a ticket through the Helpdesk system.

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