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Scheduled Maintenance - Security update to disable legacy encryption (rescheduled)

Maintenance Window: 15/02/2017 - 16/02/2017 (inc. at risk monitoring period)


Due to extra time required for customer compliance and testing, we have delayed the cut off date to disable legacy encryption until 15th February (15/02/2017). Please note that after this date 3DES enabled browsers will be required for web based services. 


If you have any queries and believe that your business does not support ciphers higher than 128-bit, please contact Encoded via our Helpdesk at





Estimated Duration: 30 mins maintenance (48 hour window) - no downtime expected.


Description of Maintenance:A maintenance window is required to disable support for encryption methods relying on the use of 128-bit ciphers in favour of higher level encryption. This forms part of our ongoing commitment to PCI compliance and security. If you are in receipt of this email and are unsure whether you business supports high level security (3DES) please forward this on to the appropriate contact. 


Services Affected: No services should be affected but as this forms part of our live environment any work carried out is considered a risk.

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