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3rd Party Service Advisory: MasterCard (formerly TNSPay) Europe

The following news item has been received from our payment provider:




25th April and 3rd May 2016


03:00 -  05:00 BST




None - Minor




This notice provides a formal advice of a scheduled maintenance activity in accordance with your hosting agreement with MasterCard.


We have a requirement to failover Services in the Europe region payment platform. This allows us to perform maintenance on core network infrastructure without risk of impacting customer services availability.



Affected Services :
















The Maintenance owners expect that some inflight transactions may be impacted during this window at the beginning of the maintenance window. Due to the nature of this failover, there is likely to be intermittent periods during the maintenance window where in flight transactions may be affected. We will take every precaution to ensure that impact is kept to a minimum.


  • ·         UK Merchants Authorisation Service for Retail Gateway and Secure Payments in flight transactions are at Risk for a short period during the beginning of the maintenance window.


  • ·         Retail Gateway 3DSecure in flight Authentications are at Risk for a short period during the beginning of the maintenance window.


  • ·         Web Services including MIS Online report portal, the TNSPay MOTO (CCEntry Web) Online Payments service will be temporarily unavailable for a few minutes at the start of the maintenance window.
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