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3rd Party Service Advisory: MasterCard (formerly TNSPay) Europe

04/04/16 06:00 - 11/04/16

TNS Transaction documents and online resources are currently displaying transactions in GMT (rather than GMT+1)

Affected Services:
Daily TNS Transaction documents

Online resources such as the TNSPay and MIS platforms


TNS are currently experiencing an issue affecting the time-stamp on displayed transactions. The result of this issue will cause all transactions taken between 04/04/16 06:00 and 11/04/16 to be displayed as GMT rather than GMT+1. This will not impact the processing or settlement of transactions but please be aware of the time inconsistency if comparing to other methods of reporting. 

TNS are aware of the issue and have scheduled maintenance to rectify the problem. This will take place within the early hours of Monday morning (11-04-2016) 


If you have any questions or remarks please log a ticket through the Helpdesk system.

If you wish to inform us of any changes to your contact details, please notify us via the e-mail address:

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