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3rd Party Service Advisory: MasterCard - Daily Extract Report collection via FTP change (no customer action required)

We have received the following notification from our payment provider, MasterCard (formerly TNSPay).

"MasterCard Payment Gateway Services are in the process of moving to new Data Centre’s. There is a requirement for all extract reporting customers who collect their reports by FTP using the FTPS protocol to move to using the SFTP protocol by the 10th of March 2016."


Encodeds development team will be completing work in order to comply with this request before the date specified. Please note, Encoded transaction files are unaffected, only TNS reports are affected by this change.

Due to the bespoke nature of our services, if you receive a TNS report via our FTP area or via email, please check to see if you have been contacted directly by a member of the Encoded team. This change does not require any other action to be taken by our customers in order to comply with this request.

If you believe that this change may affect your reporting and you have not yet been contacted my the Encoded team, please log a ticket through the Helpdesk system.

If you wish to inform us of any changes to your contact details, please notify us via the e-mail address:

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