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COLO2 Maintenance 14/04/2013

This is notification of maintenance at Encoded's COLO2 Data Centre.

Maintenance Window: 14/04/2013 00:00 - 14/04/2013 06:00

Estimated Duration:2hrs

Description of Maintenance: Re-cabling of IP switches and reconfiguration of all equipment attached to them. There will be no changes to our public IP addresses or URLs or phone numbers.

Reason for Maintenance: Following the recent outage from the recent DOS, our supplier has proposed moving our equipment over to new IP ports/ranges to allow them to better respond and protect our services if the situation occurs again.

Services Affected: All IVR, Payment, SMS and Web services. We're expecting a drop in connectivity while the new links are physically installed and intermittent access whilst our servers and appliances are reconfigured and tested in turn.


We appreciate your co-operation and understanding for the inconvenience to your service. If you have any questions or remarks please contact Encoded Technical Support on +44 (0)845 120 9790, quoting the reference number supplied within this e-mail, or via the e-mail address:

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